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How to Keep Your Water Safe & Clean. We are Expert in Water Heater Repair & Installation Hoover

Backflow occurs when water pressure fails (or is interrupted) and water flows in the opposite direction. When that happens, water pollutants like pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and more can freely enter your water supply. The health and safety consequences are not to be taken lightly. We are Expert in Water Heater Repair & Installation Hoover.

Backflow also can occur if your home or workplace has a cross-connection. A cross-connection is that spot in your plumbing system where non-drinkable water can enter your drinking water supply.

Backflow prevention and testing may not be among our better-known services, but they are among the most important. Anything that can potentially harm you is tops on our list of priorities.

Backflow Prevention Valve

A backflow prevention device is designed to keep water from reversing flow to ensure a constant supply of clean, safe water. Your residential or commercial device should be tested once a year by our trained and experienced plumbers.

Planning to install a new water sprinkler system? It’s essential that it’s equipped with a backflow prevention device.

Birmingham Backflow Specialist

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